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Thread: 15 month old and surgery

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    Question 15 month old and surgery

    I have twins.... boy/girl. I know... Not really, they're great for each other. My son, Brayden has been diagnosed with scoliosis since he was 4 months old. Nothing has been done up to this point (except tests- MRI, CAT scan, ultrasounds, etc) because the Dr.s we've seen said it wouldn't get worse. In 6 months, his curve has gone from 28 to 32 degrees and he's formed a compensatory curve the same degree. He's been climbing, running, generally driving me crazy for months now. His surgery has been scheduled for spinal fusion in June and we've been told he'll be in a Minerva brace to maintain the surgery. He (fortunately) doesn't have any other problems. What can we expect? How much pain will he be in? Will he be able to sleep at night? How long is the general recovery time? Any information you can pass on would be extremely helpful. We're worried of course but know it's for the best. Please feel free to email me at home as well. Thank you!
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