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Thread: Help Me!!

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    Help Me!!

    I am 43years old and had my first surgery in 1978 when 2 harrington rods were implanted, but in 1982 I had to have the top one taken out due to pain, and scar tissue growing over the rod. Now 27 years later, I am on ms contin(morphine) and zanaflex (muscle relaxers) and msir (liquid morphine) for break through pain. I am still working and trying to have a somewhat normal life, but that is almost impossible. I am in constant pain and no quality of life!!!
    I have been to neurosrgeons and there is nothing they can do, and I have even spoken to the dr that originally did my surgery and he told me there was nothing to do either, I never knew when I had this done that there would be so many problems later. I have tried chriopractors and physical trerapy and that did not help. If I do any walking, grocery shopping, or even walking in my house or yard, my legs go numb and burn. There are days that I just want to stay in bed and cry, I am still young and I feel as if I am 80!! I have been told I do have the back of an 80 year old. I now have a handicapp sticker in my car, so I can get the good parking places like the old people......... PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHERE TO GO AND WHAT TO DO.....................................

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    Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I'm 34 and have a broken rod right now, am in pain too and am waiting test results(nuclear medicine) to see what damage is done with the bone graft, etc. Had my surgery in '97 and '99, when I was 26 and 28.

    I see that Dr.Boachie from NY is praised here. Maybe you could go see him. I'm from Canada and sure wish I could. My doctor(Max Aebi) was considered number two in the world and did a very good job but he had no bedside manners AT ALL, and he's now back in his native Switzerland. Check out the Dr.Boachie thread, some of the members here have even bigger problems with their backs.

    I certainly can understand some of what you're going through

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    Hi Clooney...

    Shame on your doctor. There's almost always something that can be done. Your doctor should have referred you to another surgeon. If you can get to New York, hopefully Dr. Boachie can help you. If not, you might want to try Anthony Moreno in Clearwater or Harry Shufflebarger in Miami.


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    Believe me I understand what you are going through. One of my hooks came undone from one of my Herrington instrumentation rods that was surgically implemented in 1973. It was actually cutting into my sciatic nerve, and like you I wished I would have had some idea of what was to become as I knew a little older. Of course I had extremely severe, severe scoliosis where I am looking for a revision surgeon myself. But I do know that your pain is caused by nerves being pressured are compressed somehow. So don't give up hope, but continue looking for a doctor, NOT A CHIROPRACTOR. Even though some of these guys are my dear friends, they cannot change what is going on with internal hardware.

    Please be careful of the medication, though I know it can be a necessity in some circumstances.

    God bless you, Frankie maybe you might find something on my web site that might help in some way.

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