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    Thanks to the both of you for your response. What a beautiful little girl you have,Celia. The cast worked well. Did you have any surgery? The info. you provided was very helpful. Carmell, I did e-mail Nicki, she should be getting back to me soon. I just found out we are NOT casting on May 17th, just getting another x-ray & deciding from there. On the 17th I will know the degree of the curve. He said if it is worse or not getting better we will get a "risser cast". Thanks again and talk to you soon.
    megan- riley's mom

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    Hi Megan,

    Thank-you for the nice comments I think Deirdre is quite beautiful but then I'm a little biased, I'm glad others think so as well. Deirdre has not had any type of surgery. She still has a lot of growing to do, ideally I would like to put all of this behind her but... that may not happen - who knows. I'll keep everyone updated, O.K. ?

    Keep us posted on what happens with your daughter's CDC and casting.


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    I'm glad you are getting some other input from another parent in similar shoes. I know Nicki has great information. I hope you had a nice time speaking with her. She knows a lot!

    Keep us posted. Good luck with everything!
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