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Thread: CCD/casting/aneth.???

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    I do Not know the degree of the curve?! Do they have to use aneth. for the casting? I would love to be in contact w/ anyone with CCD, the more info. the better! Before I knew the diag. of CCD I had met w/ ortho. so.... I don't know about the aneth. & casting? I just found out about CCD on March 17th this year. We've know about the scoliosis since birth. Our ortho. is Dr. Gary Brock, who is a ped. ortho. They will cast her w/ a "Risser Style Cast" possibly on May 17th. She does have infantile scoliosis that is idiopathic that is progressive. That's all I know, any new info. will help. Thanks,

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    As far as I know, they normally do anesthetize the child for the cast especially when the child is so young. It's necessary that the child remain perfectly still for the cast application. I tried to get my doctor to forego the anesthesia with my daughter given the problems she's had and he refused. So...during the next cast change, they will do a mold for the brace and that's it for her. She's come a long way with the casting, so we're pretty happy. You should contact your doctor and let him know about the central core disease diagnosis, it will impact on the treatment she gets.

    I have read about procedural sedation, I don't know if that would work in your case.

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    I sent you a private message here with my friend's name and email address. She would be happy to talk to you about scolioisis, kyphosis, Central Core Disease, the anesthesia risks and everything. She, herself, was cast as a young child (she has a mild form of Central Core Disease) and it was not good for her.

    Please check your message and let me know if you get ahold of her. If not, I'm sure she'd be happy to email you. Let me know.
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