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    Mary Lou Guest

    We've on this forum have found that each doctor has different restrictions. Jamie will be five months post-op tomorrow (Wow!) and she was in the pool for therapy at about two months. She is allowed to ride her bike, but hasn't yet as she is still a little nervous. She is not allowed to go to an amusement park with her band or her eighth grade class this month. She isn't even allowed to run, jump or take gym for at least another month.

    I never thought about tape over the scar. Great idea! I bought the highest spf we could find and plan to use it often. Just a reminder to everyone, kids are exposed to the sun a lot even if they aren't swimming. For example: when my daughter wears a tank top, her scar sticks out at the top.

    Good luck to your daughter. I'm glad she is finally on the road to a full recovery. Tell her to take all of us with her to the Bahamas! Please!

    Mary Lou

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    Hi cinherenow,

    One suggestion to help your daughter get better quickly. Now tht she's kicked that nasty infection, I would recommend lots and lots of walking. Also, if her incision is completed healed with no remaining scabbing, get some Maderma, and massage the scar every day for a half an hour. Massage breaks up the adhesions, reduces the redness and thickness, and desensitizes the scar so she doesn't jump every time someone or something rubs up against it.
    Mother of a 17 year old daughter. Her "S" curve was 40 degree thoracic from T3 to T9, and a 70 degree rotatory thorcolumbar from T9 to L4. She was operated on March 9th, 2005 by Dr. Boachie-Adjei at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. She was fused from T11 to L3, using an anterior approach, and the major curve corrected to 20 degrees. She's doing great!

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