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Thread: how to go about a second opinion?

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    I hope all is going well. Try asking Daniells chiro about spinal biomechanics (the Pettibon) and see what he says. My daughter has a dbl curve. Was at 50 and 40 last May. We have been doing this technique since Sept. We go for x rays on sat to see if it has helped. Although I am worried because she hasnt done it as much as she should be. Good Luck! Bonnie

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    We have been to Shriner's for the second opinion. The Dr. there also recommended surgery, which was no surprise to hear.

    March is when we need to decide where to have the surger done. It is also the next xray where we find out if the chirpractor has been able to have an effect.

    My daughter has for the first time said that she doesn't want to wear her brace any longer. She is a smart person and realizes that wearing it has done no good. I asked her to wear it until March, when she ask Dr. Smith if she can stop wearing it. To me, not wearing it from March to June will make no difference.

    Bonnie I will keep in mind your suggestion. My daughter is not keen on more Dr.'s or treatments. But thank you for your idea.

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