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Thread: Neck Pain

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    Neck Pain

    I had a/p surgery in 2002 at UCSF with a good outcome, despite mulitple infections and follow-up surgeries. Anyhow, have any of you had post surgical problems with neck pain? I don't see an ortho (not my surgeon..I moved out of state ) until mid May and my neck is really starting to hurt. Oh, I'm fused from t4-s1. I'm very concerned about the possiblity of surgery on the cervical area of my spine..especially since I have so much infection post op with my back. The pain raidiates upwards from about t4 to the base of my head. I have been "surfing" the net and what I have found is not encouraging Ideas/suggestions.

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    Hi, I have been operated for scoliosis as well, and as a result have had neck pain. What helped me was exercises to strenghten the neck, massages and acupuncture. I have had X rays and also a Doppler exam to see if the blood was flowing well a few months ago, and it looked well. I think the fact that I still have a scoliosis and that the neck is compensating for the spine, it causes pain and pinch nerves, etc. Maybe you can have these tests done and an MRI as well.

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