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Thread: correcting rib deformity

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    correcting rib deformity

    has anyone found that the rib cage on the side opposite of their rib hump seems TOO small ... i don't know if it's just the natural result of the spine twisting (as the rib hump is) or if it's from having worn a brace in adolesence, but it's as if my rib cage on the non-hump side is the same size at age 27 as it was when i was 10. i've considered getting the thoracoplasty surgery done to fix the rib hump, but am wondering if there's anything to "expand" the other side? any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. thanks!

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    Hi Ellebee...

    The narrowing of the concave side of the chest is normal. You can see a drawing here:

    I've never heard of an adult having the concave side of their ribs expanded, but it might be possible. I'll be curious to see what you find.


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