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Thread: A couple of questions about revision surgery?

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    A couple of questions about revision surgery?

    I have been reading posts on this website for the last few months and have noticed that a lot of people have to have revision surgery. Is this normal? Does everyone need revision surgery? And what do they do during this type of surgery?

    I have been having a lot of severe pain in my back especially around the top of the rods and in the middle of my back where there is a round lump. My mum thinks I may need more surgery
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    Hi Laura...

    No, it's not normal. And, the vast majority of people who have scoliosis surgery will never need additional spinal surgery. What is done during the surgery depends entirely on what the problem is. For example, if there's an area of non-fusion, the surgeon might remove the implants, put additional fusion material at the area of non-fusion, and reinstrument. Or, if the patient leans, the procedure might include an osteotomy, which is a wedge removed from the fusion mass. If the problem is a bad disc above or below the original fusion, the surgery might include an extension of the implants.


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