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Thread: Looking for a great reconstructive surgeon.

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    Looking for a great reconstructive surgeon.


    I have been reading so many posts on this web site and in all my years of dealing with very severe scoliosis which has included body cast, halo traction, Harrington rods, cages, bed rest for an entire year, and of course the old Milwaukee back brace when I was a kid, I never knew that there were so many people in similar situations, or at least going through some of the same pain and emotions that I also have dealt with while at the same time pursuing and living my dream. Right now I'm hoping to find that very special "reconstructive scoliosis surgeon" that might be willing to take my case so I may continue on with my life and my work. I am not looking for nor do I need a perfect posture to be happy with my life as I have been extremely blessed in many ways.

    I live in Las Vegas and it is a absolutely WONDERFUL place to live, however, in many ways it is still a small town and there is simply not the scoliosis specialists here that I would require for a very complicated, reconstructive surgery. My last reconstructive surgery was in Plano, Texas in 2001 and did not go over well. So through my own web site I hope that maybe I might be able to inspire a few others and possibly get some leads as to where I might go to find help myself. My curve at approximately 90 when I was 17 it was 133. So please understand any help our advice, suggestions, referrals would be greatly appreciated, and I do hope that my web site may be of some help to you wonderful people for which we share common bond.

    I am very glad that I found this web site. And I wish you all the best, Frankie

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    Here is a website for Dr. Michael LaGrone in Amarillo, TX. I've heard very good things about him. Hopefully he's still in practice.
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