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Thread: herrington rod removal-new hardware!

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    herrington rod removal-new hardware!

    Hello folks!

    I've read alot of posts and am wondering has anyone had all off their rods removed and new ones put in? Ive been told by my doctors that my lower fusion did not take, and i have a broken rod on t-4 ( i only have three free vertibrea in my lower back) my main curve is at 67 degrees and getting worse. I'm kinda terrified to have everything replaced, it will only stop my progression not straighten me. Im 30 now and i dont know if i can go thru that again! Has anyone had this done, and how painful is it compared to having them put in? (i was 15 at shriners hospital in spokane). Is there any other options? What about bracing with herrington rods? Has anyone had a similar operation, any success stories?

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    Hi Alaskan...

    Bracing is not really an option for adults. While a brace is sometimes used in elderly patients who aren't surgical candidates, it won't do anything to arrest or reduce curves in a skeletally mature adult. And, if worn long-term, will cause muscle atrophy.

    I haven't had to have my surgery redone, but I've certainly corresponded with many who have. Most seem to indicate that the revision surgery isn't as difficult as the first surgery. However, age can be pretty cruel. Recovery at 30 probably isn't going to be as easy as it was at 15. Then again, it won't be as difficult as it would be at 40. :-)

    I think I know how difficult it is to even consider surgery, but it sounds like it's your best option.


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    New hardware

    My original surgery was in 1975 to place a Harrington rod, a year later the rod broke and was removed - on to over 20 years in the future - the disks below the fusion totally gave out, the original fusion was cracked and broken in several areas and I NEEDED to do something about it. I had very extensive surgery to TOTALLY fuse my back - neck to bottom! - they went in from my back and a week later from my front to anchor stuff and I spent a week in ICU and another in the hospital - released to limp through the remainder of the recovery and was back at work within a month. I have since had to have hardware changes due to broken rods, nerve problems and have just decided it is a fact of my life that I will have to deal with it.

    I would never risk not fixing a problem due to fear of surgery - the Docs. and the team in OR are very skilled and they do everything to make sure there are no problems. I am more afraid of problems if I don't fix something that is broken!

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