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Thread: fusion to tailbone

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    fusion to tailbone

    i posted earlier looking for a surgeon in charleston, sc. has anyone been fully fused to the tailbone? if so, how has it affected walking and si and hip pain.

    i had harrington rods 1977. removal of harrington with cage insert and flat back correction 1996. i am fused t3-l3 and have torn all the disks badly, l3-l5 and am being told i need to be fused to the tailbone.

    has anyone been fused with the new metal ball disc replacement?



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    I have had a spinal fusion to the tailbone, however

    I'm really interested in hearing about the ball/metal ball that you mentioned. I'm also looking for a doctor for revision surgery. Could you please visit my web site and possibly you will understand why it is so important that I find a scoliosis reconstructive surgeon. Thank you so very much, I we should you all the best, Frankie

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