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Thread: Need surgeon Charleston SC

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    Need surgeon Charleston SC

    Hi all,

    briefly: 41 year old female; harrington rods 1977, and removal 1996 with cage insert for flat back correction. fused t3 - L3. pain has been manageable with braces, ice, meds, you know the routine. last ten months pain has escalated down left leg, and having difficulting walking. L4/l5 and l5/S1, are badly torn and have been told i need to fuse into tail bone.

    has anyone had this done and what are the longterm effects on si joints. also i desparately need the name of a reliable surgeon. i had used frank rand at new england baptist in 1996 when i lived in boston. i definitely do not feel well enough for the trip.

    also history of thyroid cancer 1998 and epstein barr 1999 after a few surgeries and cancer treatments.
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    Click on the Search link at the top of this age and type in Charleston. You'll see several other strings on the topic.


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