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Thread: Hunch on right side - normal???!

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    Hunch on right side - normal???!

    Hey everyone,

    It's my first time here... I've had rods put in to correct a curvature of the spine 7yrs ago, my curvature was quite bad and the top half of my spine was curving into my right hand side. After my surgery I noticed that i now have a 'hunch' on the right hand side of my back - it's quite confidence shattering and i've been so embarassed to bring it up (even with my spinal consultant at the time) Is this normal? Can anything be done?

    Lucky for me I have quite long hair so when I wear it down (all the time) it covers my hunch but it still gets to me... has anyone else got this? How are you coping? Is there anyway to fix this?


    M xx

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    hiya my curvature was really bad and had 2 have a surgery 5 yrs ago im 21 and i 2 have a hunch and also get really bad back pains. my surgeon saw it wen i was 18 i think it was my last check up and he told me i cud have another surgery. i was too scared from my last surgery that i told him no and thort that once was enough. i too have long hair and it covers my back i also wear loose fitting clothes but most people who notice it dont realise that its a hunch they think its just my bones that is sticking out and tell me to eat more coz i am really skinny. Anyways i think the only thing there is u could do about it is have another surgery if ur up 4 it? i dont kno i would like 2 kno if there is sumthing else besides surgery myself. i feel the same about ur confidence shattering and also do not like it coz i cant wear tight fitted clothes or anything.

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