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Thread: 14 yr old son surgery in june questions

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    Mary Lou Guest

    We live on the East Coast. The Civil War museum is located in Harrisburg, PA which is only about 20 minutes away, so I'm sure we will have to have lunch, go to the museum, etc. If she had to miss any of her field trips, I'm glad it was some of the smaller ones instead of Washington, D. C. this week. I feel bad for Susanna's daughter,though 'cause she has to miss her trip to Philly. I do find my mind more at ease with her going since I was picked to chaperone the trip. I think I would have been a litle nervous if I had to stay home.

    Mary Lou

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    Hi Gigi, My daughter had a double major curve, 70 degrees and 40 degrees. She only had 5 vertabrae fused, T11 to L3. Some kids with long fusions don't gain any height because losing the disc space counteracts any height they might have gained from being straightened out. We were thrilled that our daughter gained as much as she did. We were not expecting that, as the doctor had predicted an inch or so.


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