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Thread: looking for pain meds that work!!!

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    Question looking for pain meds that work!!!

    Hello, I'm very happy that i am on this site! I'v never talked to anyone with similar problems. I'm 30 years old and had the herrington rod (fusion) when i was 15. I've been doing pretty well for the last ten years with just ocasional lower back pain,until dec 04, I was in a car accident and have been in terrible pain every since. I have a broken rod in my lower back that has moved about 1/4 of an inch (my rod was broke previously due to lower fusion not taking). Anyways i've been seeing alot of doctors recently and finally am going to a pain clinic. I have tried percocet, morphine sulfate, darvocet, vicoden and numerouse muscle relaxers none seem to work. Ive always worked hard and have never been a complainer, but i just cant seem to get my doctor to understand what i'm going thru, I know i need surgery (new hardware) and the doctor keeps telling me to have it done. I dont like sitting at home every day, basically does anyone know of a miracle drug?

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    Hi Alaskan...

    You might check out Duragesic (fentanyl) patches. They're expensive and I think some insurance companies won't cover them, but I've heard only great things about them.

    If you know you're going to have to have surgery, I guess I'd encourage you to have it sooner rather than later. Long term use of narcotics can make recovery more difficult.


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    Alaskan, As I'm reading your post, I thought it was me writing it! I actually tried every medication you have mentioned. I, too, have a Harrington rod since 1981. In 1997 my back started to hurt again after being free of back pain since the surgery. I have since had two more surgeries but still suffered terribly. I was at pain management in NYC and was put on the Duragesic Patch, which my insurance did cover. I have heard great things about it but for me, it was awful. I was on it for four months and was up to 75 mg. patch which I would change every three days. I had horrible side effects, plus it really wasn't helping with the pain. The side effects were withdrawal symptoms, shivers, sweats, depression, extreme weight loss (that i could not afford), etc. I asked to be taken off but with that medication you have to be taken off slowly. To make a long story short, I was rushed to a nearby hospital as I was feeling terrible and thank God I did as the patch gave me a blood clot on my lung. Since then, I was weened off, the clot disolved and now I am at a different pain management hospital with fabulous results. I am on methadone, a very, very mild dose (20 mg./day) and also on Celebrex. It literally has changed my life. I initially was extremely fearful taking it as I had just come off of the patch, but I felt very comfortable with my new doctor and he promised he would monitor me closely, and he did. I actually saw him this morning, as I go for a visit every four months, which is madatory with this type of prescription. It's been over two years now that I'm on this combination of medicine, and I truly have a new life. Ask your pain management doctor about methadone. I realize everyone is different and perhaps the Duragesic Patch could very well work for you so I don't want to discourage you. I just thought that being I didn't see you had tried the meds I'm on that that could also be another option. I hope you find a solution to your pain. All the best. Lynn
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