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Thread: Sleeping in a Boston Brace?

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    Sleeping in a Boston Brace?

    My daughter is almost 13, and has had a boston brace for about a month. We've been told she only needs to wear it for 12 hours...but 7 hours is the most she has done, and that was yesterday (one hour on, one hour off.) Usually she only wears it for 3 hours a day!

    The big problem is that she is supposed to sleep in it but can't. She has always been a light sleeper, and she really needs to have a good night of sleep or she is not a fun person the next day. When she goes to bed with the brace on either she doesn't fall asleep at all (and I finally take it off at 11pm or something so she will sleep), or she falls asleep and then wakes up and 10 or 11pm and takes it off.

    Any ideas? She says she can't breath in the brace, and that it hurts her stomach.

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    Hi Holly,

    Is your daughter willing to wear the brace during the day? If she is willing to do that, then she could go without it at night, if she is getting 12 hours of wearing time in during the day. Maybe with the holiday break coming up, you can afford to let her stay up late, and get REALLY tired, and then try to get her in it at bedtime - if she is tired enough, maybe she will fall asleep. How about a reward if she can keep it on for a certain number of nights - like Mom and Gabi go to the movies....???

    It does take getting used to. My daughter sleeps in hers, but this past weekend she was sick with a fever and begged to sleep without it. So I let her - I think every now and then it's good to let her have a little break.

    Good luck!

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    hey!! when i had my brace, thats the exact same thing i did, i found it very hrd to breath in...especially if your daughter id skinny(becasue theirs not much fat in between the brace and you) just hang in their, just remind her in she doesnt wear the brace shell have to get surgery, whuch is what happened to me, bcause i just couldnt wear the brace 18 hrs a day like i was supposed to!! i just recdently had the surgery (oct. 6) so if u have any questions fill free to email me at
    talk to ya later tootlez

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    No matter how many years go by I will never forget how miserable it was to learn how to do all those things I had
    always taken for sleeping comfortably and tying my shoes.

    I was only allowed out of my brace for an hour a day and
    your daughter is right - they're miserable to sleep in, but you do eventually get used to it. I used to sleep on my side because the distribution of body mass inside would change I felt like it was a bit easier to breathe. My parents also changed my bed from a regular mattress to an airbed because I could adjust the firmness until I found a comfortable range.

    I remember feeling really frustrated and disgusted when I first got my brace, but eventually we got used to each other. As a parent now, I look back and know that my parents hearts had to have been breaking - so my thoughts and virtual hugs are headed out to you.

    Hang in there.


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    hgordon Guest
    Thanks to you all!!! Gabriela "turned a corner" a few weeks ago and now has no problem sleeping in the brace. We took your advice--had her sleep w/o tightening; boucht extra pillows, etc. We found a "L" shaped body pillow that she found helps.

    I imagine that our next visit we will learn that she needs to wear the brace more than 12 hours a day...but we will cross that bridge when we get there!

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