I have never had any hint of dishonesty from any surgeon I have ever met.....If anything, I had more problems with them being too honest. Its impossible for them to cover all complications....and its really hard for patients to accept the reality that medical science is that complicated and unforgiving should something happen. Surgeons have to deliver bad news to patients, this cant be an easy thing for them to do. We don't need Chiropractors reminding us of this on their web pages especially when some of us know we are surgical candidates.

I don't know if its worth looking at stats on Hemi since the variations are endless....The only way to know is to have a Pediatric scoliosis specialist shoot CT scans and MRI scans to evaluate. They will also do a 3D print of the spine to show how they will proceed....There is no way a Chiropractor can do anything as far as this is concerned, and they should be forced by law to refer these patients off. They would have to be nuts to even proceed in any manner with a congenital scoliosis patient. They are not Medical Doctors.

I am an old Chiropractic patient and used Chiro for over 22 years with approx 12 different Chiropractors. This was done for pain, and I was a lifelong skier. Of course I am a completely different case than your son, but wanted you to know. I have tried everything under the sun battling scoliosis over the years. Chiro will not correct scoliosis curves.

My Chiropractors were also honest with me and told me that one day I would be fused. It was only after the adult degeneration took a foothold, that I realized that it was fruitless and then my scoliosis surgeon came to town. After 2-1/2 years of talks with him, I did my surgeries.

The one thing you cannot do with kids with scoliosis is ignore the situation.

If you need a 2nd opinion, you can pick out a surgeon off the SRS list. If not the right surgeon, that surgeon will refer you to the right people.

You can also contact Shriner's

Linda and Sharon have done some good posts as always...

Deep breaths