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    Ok, I see...Even though the doctor in the link I posted mentions that implant infection happen in 2-14%, its still material we need to be aware of. If someone has implants, this is need to know information. Getting older means being aware of these sorts of things....Linda mentioned it and this doctor mentions that infection can happen many years later....

    When you get done with surgery, WBC (White blood cell) count goes into attack mode, and you can feel this. Its so exhausting! I think that half of my weight loss in my recovery had to do with this, along with barely eating. Malnutrition is critical, without the nutrition, our bodies really struggle. Eating properly is important.

    Its good that this has all cleared up....I still get jumpy with my 2nd molar infection frequency, I have had to take Amoxcicillan 3 times in the last year. It seems to be proof that either the infection at the roots of the tooth are still there, (Periodontitis) or I am having problems fighting this. I dont know if a doctor can really say your done with your infection if the last small percentage of it is still harboring some place. I dont know if blood work will be able to determine this. I hope you understand what I am saying here. I dont think that there is any solid proof in that many of us have small amounts of infection, and have that ability to keep these bacteria cultures or biofilm under control. It might explain me having problems with fatigue....

    Another thing that bothers me is that headaches and pains are a warning that something is wrong. With a thousand reasons why? Can we really be running to the doctor everytime we have a headache? Its not easy wondering why these things happen, but we have to know what to ignore and what to follow up on. We have to know and feel our bodies after our surgeries, and also account for any other things that we have going on. For example your arachnoditis and my cervical stenosis. Diet, atmospheric pressure, and collapsing stock markets can really complicate matters. The coronavirus has me laying low lately and social activites have been on hold these days.

    I have not talked to Susan. I thought you guys were in touch. Let us know when she responds. I wonder how her pain is, it seems that when we do serious scoliosis surgery, or surgeries, we get pretty good at handling pain. I would say she is a pro at it.

    We as humans have this warning system called pain, and we have limited knowledge on what causes pain. If we were cars, we would all be blowing smoke and running rough...and the odometer is broken. Oh well.....My gas gage still works.

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