Hi everyone, I have been taking Zanaflex for 6-7yeaers (muscle relaxer). Was prescribed it while going to pain mgt Center. Began taking more than should have because I couldn’t sleep. Had already tried Ambien which didn’t work. Long story short, began 6 yrs ago having nauseous/stomach pain which increased. 2 GI doc’s + 2 EGDs, told “you’ taking too many nasaids” even after I told dr repeatedly I hardly ever took 1! Plus I cannot sleep without taking it even with 2 insomnia meds. Finally found out on my own, this Med has adverse side effects including nausea/stomach pain/ flushing from neck to head (which I also experienced resulting in keeping me from sleeping). I am concerned about this issue due to my upcoming appt with Dr Gupta 1/20. I have been trying to titrate but this is a beast to get off of. Has anyone experienced problems with this Med? Appreciate any help.