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Thread: 1st Scoliosis Surgery at age 63

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    Ed you’ never know how much I appreciated your response. I was anxious about posting about my personal health issues. Your response was friendly & welcoming which I needed to go further in seeking out support. As my spine deteriorated over the years, nobody understood what I was going through especially regarding pain. I lost a couple of close friends because (as they told me) they couldn’t stand listening to me “complain “ about my pain. Some friends huh? So thanks again for being there for me.
    People who have never had back pain underestimate the problems your back can cause you. They don't understand the surgery either, they think it's no big deal. A relative who knows nothing about back surgery has told me that back surgery may help me or may make me worse, in a know-it-all tone that implied I'm foolish to have it. They don't realize we usually have no choice in going for surgery.

    Those aren't great friends. I'm afraid some people are just not up to dealing with friends who are sick. Almost everyone will get sick eventually, so they'll learn someday, they won't be able to avoid it. I don't know if anyone here watches "Curb Your Enthusiasm", but this season Larry had a near miss with cancer. Several of his friends told him they couldn't be cancer friends and would have dumped him if he had had it. It's a comedy.
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    Thanks Nancy

    We cant constantly complain about pain.... We just cant. Here on NSF is ok because we understand, but not everyone else. There are also members on this forum that are in DEVASTASTING amounts of pain that dont vocalize their struggles....Its not an easy thing. And it can make one slightly snappy if you know what I mean.

    You also cant constantly talk about your surgeries. Once again, here is fine, but not with the others. I have a neighbor who takes the cake for surgeries and scar tissue. Cardio and vein stripping procedures all down her arms and legs. She has at least 15 feet of surgical scars. She doesnt say a thing, I have to ask. Age 85.

    I really struggled leading up to my surgeries and I would go to work some days in major pain. I would have to work twice as fast for half the day (standing up) so I could run to Steamboat for a hot tub and a massage at noon. All the people at work knew, but I never really had to say anything. I did sometimes have a tendency to be short with my employees, and they understood. I didnt have the time, and major pain does speed up the work process out of necessity. Everyone knew I needed scoliosis surgery.

    I dont talk about my spine with anyone anymore.(only here) I did prepare my inner circle before going into my surgeries, but thats over now.

    I just found out that my Goddaughter will be running the ER Room at the Childrens Hospital in St Louis. Its in the same complex (Barnes Jewish) that Dr Gupta is at. She moves out there in August. 30 years ago when she was 5, I pulled a splinter out of her hand while she was freaking out. (Uncle Ed was operating) Of course I was chuckling, she then mentioned "I need professional help" Ha ha It was at that time that she decided to be an ER Physician. I started the whole process with that splinter....She did about 17 years of medical schooling....which is finally over now.

    49 yr old male, now 61, the new 61...
    Pre surgery curves T70,L70
    ALIF/PLIF T2-Pelvis 01/29/08, 01/31/08 7" pelvic anchors BMP
    Dr Brett Menmuir St Marys Hospital Reno,Nevada

    Bending and twisting pics after full fusion

    My x-rays

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