This is the 1st time I have ever made a post of any kind. I have been living with chronic back pain for 30 years. I 1st was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease aka Arthritis of Lumbar spine. But as my pain (& spine got progressively worse found myself in a pain Mgt center aka prison for people with chronic pain. About 7 years ago I kept complaining that I had problems with my posture & then I felt increased pain + a hardness in my thoracic spine. I was told ďitís those tight musclesĒ 🤨. Since they apparently were going to let me rot there , I did extensive research & found 1 of the best Scoliosis doctors in USA- Dr Gupta & got an appt w/ him 12/17. I use to be 5í9 but when they measured me I was 5í4 1/2 in tall! At that time I was told I was on too much methadone to control post operative pain & was not physically fit but would eventually require surgery. Now off opioid & going thru grueling PT to prepare for my upcoming appt w/ Dr Gupta in 1/20. I have been reading the threads posted & it has increased my FEARS. At age 63 & live alone w/ no family, I am sooo scared not only re: surgery but the recovery. My pain threshold is low & my on-going pain level is 8/10 spiking regularly to 9/10. I donít have my paperwork in front of me from my 1st appt w/ Dr G but I believe my curvature was at a 30 degree angle I 2017. I had a MRI done on full spine in 3/19 & my spine is a mess w/ bulging discs in thoracic, Scoliosis now curving in opposite direction in Lumbar, fused vertebrae, etc. I feel like I have no choice but to have the surgery but now am having 2nd thoughts. But canít keep my house clean, do ADLs, not able to walk my dog (just potty trips in yard), etc. I have a Masters degree in social work but now only source of income is disability + am a recluse as Ií not able to do much. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or words of wisdom to help me.