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Thread: what can be done?

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    Question what can be done?

    I was told my my orthopedist that there was nothing they could do for scoliosis since it was a degenative disease. I have an 18 degree curve. I was also told there was nothing that could be done until I had an 20 degree curve and than all they could do was put you in a brace to try to keep it from getting any worse.

    Any suggestions? comments?

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    How old are you? Braces are only effective on skeletally immature people.


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    Book - Scoliosis and The Human Spine

    Hello ccd,
    There is a book called Scoliosis and The Human Spine by Martha C. Hawes. I really recommend that you and anybody else with scoliosis buys it.

    Martha Hawes was diagnosed with scoliosis and was told the same information that you and I have been told by doctors and surgeons: that scoliosis can only be treated by bracing and surgery.

    According to Professor Hawes this opinion was never founded on strong scientific information, and it is certainly not up to date with recent medical research.

    One example of success is the Schroth Spinal Deformities Clinic in Hamburg Germany. They have published studies which show that an accurately administered exercise treatment can have a significant effect on scoliosis.

    It relieves secondary symptoms (pain, breathing difficulties) and has been shown to be effective in stopping and sometimes reversing curvature. You can find the abstracts of this research on any medical search engine, e.g. PubMed.

    In my own case, I was diagnosed as having a 45 degree curve in 1997. In 1998 I began to explore different exercise and movement practices to manage my scoliosis. In November 2003 I was remeasured at 29 degrees.

    The body is an incredible system. Change is almost always possible. Let me know if you'd like some suggestions on starting to work with yourself.

    - Joshua

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    How old are you ? Can the degeneration be stopped ? It sems like they coould do something I am fifty and I am planning on doiing something. If you want the surgery you should find a Dr. that sees things as you do and will offer different options. i am fifty and my scoliosis has gotten worse so I hate hearing degenerative it's depressing..ya know !!

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