Well I havenít updated on my spine in a while. Itís been 9 years since I went under the knife for my scoliosis. I remember the day I had my surgery I was scared and excited at the same time. I was thinking geez after 7 year of dealing with this Iím finally getting it surgically corrected. I was taken to the OR around 9:45 am. The surgery took place at UC Davis Medical center it was preformed at the time Dr Gupta who since moved back to the Midwest. The 1st 5 days after surgery I donít really remember. I pretty much only remember the last day the hospital. I was had standing x-ray films, I meet with Dr Gupta, had my last PT session. I had multiple follow up appointments my most recent was actually more of a emergency. I slipped in the bathtub and the fused area of my spine bent forward. Every thing checked out fine. Now my family probably found out what been causing most of my orthopedic problems.