Greetings All!
My 2013 fusion surgery by Dr. Keith Bridwell in St. Louis went well (T-3 to L-4). However, about 2 weeks ago I hurt myself trying to give myself a foot rub due to plantar faciitis. While sitting, I had put one foot on opposite knee in order to rub my foot (of course one foot at a time). Well, the next morning after doing this my left scapula area is on fire and feels like a knife is stabbing me! I called Bridwell's office and they suggested an x-ray. The x-ray report states that I have perihardware lucency (loosening). Bad news. I'm not quite certain where the "loosening" is, but it doesn't sound good. I've sent x-ray and report to Bridwell and am waiting on what he has to say. I live in Atlanta, but had my fusion in St. Louis by Bridwell because he had the best reputation and I know of two others in the Atlanta area that also made that trip for their spinal fusions. If Bridwell says that I need additional surgery I'm stuck. I can't afford to go to St. Louis again, and Bridwell no longer does surgeries. Sigh. I'M LOOKING FOR AN EXCELLENT SPINAL SURGEON IN THE ATLANTA AREA THAT FOCUSES ON SCOLIOSIS FUSION AND REVISIONS. Any suggestions?