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    I don't think that one should become overly depressed or upset because they missed the tethering window. Like Pam had in her signature, fusion is not the end of the world. Our "acceptance" of our scoliosis and its path is probably the most important thing in all of this. Rejecting fusion can lead to thoughts of pain, and just thinking about pain makes it worse.

    If one can catch a kid early, seeing a scoliosis surgeon is a must for an evaluation. Seeing a tethering surgeon is the cherry on the whipped cream if the person is that perfect tethering candidate. For tethering timing, we should call this "Dingo timing" since he and Scott had all the chips fall the right way. It looks like Scott's timing was perfect. He is coming up on a year and looking forward to seeing his new x-rays. Any post tethering x-rays from anyone will be of great interest. There was a girl with an S curve done by Dr Lonner that posted here around a year ago, I especially would want to see her x-rays since I have a S curve.

    For Kara's niece, Dr Diab in San Francisco (UCSF) is the closest tethering surgeon in Northern California. With insurance, staying in your home state is advantageous, California being just about the whole west coast of the US is a good state for this reason.

    Tethering (VBT) and Stapling (VBS) pediatric surgeon list.


    Missing the tethering window is huge as VBT has got to be the better option to fusion. It is much less invasive and leaves the spine flexible. The more that make the window the more info we will get into how wide the window can get in the future. Kids wont have to go through so long a bracing period if any and hopefully we wont end up with so many adults with untreated scoliosis! Seeing an orthopaedic surgeon for an evaluation is ikely to lead to a path to fusion because most don't know or want to know enough about VBT. In US you have more option to choose from the start who you see?
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