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    Julie's hybrid fusion and VBT

    I was diagnosed with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis when I was 10, at 15 my curves were in the 20s (don’t have exact numbers from back then). I never experienced any pain or limitations growing up, and I didn’t wear a brace.

    At 27, I knew it had probably progressed and I wanted to do some strength training, so I found Dr. Lonner in NYC to get up to date X-rays. My thoracic curve was 60 degrees, my lumbar curve was 61. Even though I still had no limitations and very mild muscle tightness, the fact that it would only get worse and I would only get older, surgery now was the best option.

    He recommended a hybrid procedure, Posterior spinal fusion T2-T11 (with rods) and anterior VBT Left T11-L3 w/resection of 8th rib.
    Surgery was January 23rd.

    I’ve definitely made it past the worst part. The first 4 weeks were absolutely miserable, nothing like I had ever been through before. I just started week 6 and feel like I have come so incredibly far and trying to focus on those positives even though I still feel far away from how I felt before surgery. Luckily I’ve been able to recover with my family who have taken great care of me. I’m returning to my apartment in NYC this weekend, not going back to work, but taking the next step in independence.

    Even typing all this out and sharing it is so therapeutic, I really can’t thank you enough for just reading and listening. Reading the forums helped me a lot when I was struggling.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the VBT. I felt comfortable with it after Dr. Lonner fully explained the differences and risks. From what I understand VBT in fully grown adults (me) is still being researched/studied. So far so good, still a long way to go though.

    Before and after xrays below! (FYI they are mirror image of each other, had them done at different offices)

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