Here is an odd one for you all. Especially those of you with Stainless Steel Rod implants. I have a sensitivity to nickel. I have been told that there is a higher incidence of Neuropathy in people with stainless steel implants. 15 months ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have not been happy with the care I was getting, so decided to go to a Dr. at University of South Florida. He said I do not have Fibro, but he thinks I have Neuropathy (perhaps related to the rod) and Psoriatic Arthritis. My question is for all of you with Stainless Steel Implants. Do any of you have Neuropathy or pain that presents like Neuropathy and has been diagnosed as something else? Have any of you ever heard about the nickel in the implants causing problems? I would rather not have the rod removed if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance for your imput. Kathi