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Thread: Cervical scoliosis

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    Cervical scoliosis

    I havenít been on this forum in years. I have had multiple surgeries. A few years ago I was also diagnosed with a new uncorrected cervical scoliosis. Apparently this is rare from what Iíve read online. I also donít see any posts about anyone else having neck corrections due to scoliosis. If Iím missing those posts please let me know If youíve had surgery or left it alone. Iím experiencing numbness in both arms all night.

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    Dixie, so sorry to hear about this. yes, it is rare.

    10 years ago, there was nothing online as far as this subject matter. Here is a study I found...

    I have 2 herniated levels C5-6, C6-7 which produce tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand. I was prescribed a Medrol pack, and Diclofenac which worked well. (April 2013) My surgeon has a TCSC cervical fellowship and we talked about a 2 level ACDF. But he wasn't going there without trying a few things. The stretching I have to do is constant, I do neck stretches just about every hour of the day. Laying the ear on the shoulder is the most difficult stretch.

    Things for me have not been easy these days.....and the neck produces headaches, dizzies, and exhaustion.

    Hang in there

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    Thanks for the reply Ed. I canít imagine getting my ear to my shoulder. My scoliosis is pretty bad in the neck. Both arms are numb at night. Iím going for nerve testing in Sept.

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