Hello.......I posted about the terrible pain I have with my spinal fusion, which is fairly large T6-L4
Someone asked if I might have a sensitivity to the rods.......but I cannot get ANY doctor to believe this.

Could I be allergic? sensitive to the rods? I WISH I could get someone to help me.......I'm 62 years old and I can't stand the pain. I take 2700mg of Gabapentin.....but that doesn't come close to calming this pain.

I live in Connecticut and I just don't know where to turn. I've seen more than a half dozen surgeons who do the type of surgery I had......but they all say "well, everything looks ok".

I just don't know what to do.

Any thoughts? I'm desperate


ps - I first had stainless steel rods.....doc reluctantly said it could be an allergy (I knew I was allergic to Nickel, but was never told they were using stainless, which contains nickel)......so he removed them and put in titanium. Pain is almost worse because I actually have 3 rods now instead of 2.