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Strong core is the ONLY possible advice for people with scoliosis. That is what works for people with scoliosis if PT can help.

By targeted I think you mean which of the known exercises work for pain. Why can't you just try some and see? There is not an infinite number of things for you to try. You don't need to wait on someone finding a targeted group of exercises that may still not work for you.

I really think the charlatans and their magic PT for curve reduction have completely derailed the issue of PT for pain.

Whys is a strong core the only exercise for core reduction? And even if it is it is the method to get it that I question.

I am talking about for everybody and that is why we have experts - precisely so that people already in pain can be guided before they cause themselves more pain. we can't be guided if PTs don't have the knowledge.

SOSRT some years ago stated that they was a need for exploring specific exercises NOT for reduction- we must stop mixing the terms- but for pain relief? And with this explosion of opioid misuse don't you think more effort should be put into this area. I can go down the gym and encounter a whole bunch of enthusiastic personal trainers who will claim that they can help me and know NOTHINg about scoliosis. Don't you think we patients who cant have surgery should be equipped with knowledge passed on via our PTs so we can counter some of the more dangerous stuff- stuff that makes us crawl out in pain.

That link from MU is like a lot of others they say there are various treatments for adult scoliosis and then go on to just mention the same ones that you would for back pain in general.

Not enough effort has been put into what feeds into a curve and what doesn't etc.