She's b-a-c-k! I have surgery scheduled on Feb 27th with Dr. Bob Hart at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. My R leg burning pain started over a year ago. Initially, I thought that I had a sunburn on my leg. Then my R foot and lateral thigh started to burn. I use lidocaine 5% patches on burning areas. I saw my Physiatrist who ordered a lumbar CT and an anesthetic/steroid inj along the R L5. Instant temporary pain relief. Repeat inj 4 months later also temporarily relieved the burning pain. The burning pain follows the L5 dermatome.
Dr. Hart said that it would be a one hour surgery and that I would be in the hospital for a couple of days. My R foot is numb by the end of the day, so I hope that symptom goes away with surgery.
As an update, I use crutches for shorter distances and a wheelchair for longer distances.