It has been so long since I have checked in with the site after religiously checking in daily throughout my recovery. I am about 16 months post now and have done really well, all things considered. I healed fairly quickly right out of the gate, and by 9 months, was cleared to do most activities. My doctor said that the hardware all looked really good, so he was comfortable with me getting 'back on the horse', so they say. I was able to golf, travel and even dance a bit over the summer and through this fall with little issues. Even though I have a desk job and sit the majority of my day, I try to stay as active as possible and work out 3-4 days a week on my Peloton or treadmill and I think it has really helped.

I do still feel like I am still in healing mode some days. My pain is usually at the top of my fusion (T-6 and above) and can sometimes force me to lie down for a bit if I do too much. Just recently this pain has seemed worse and is concerning me a bit so have scheduled a visit with the doc this Friday. I am sure that it's nothing and just normal aches and pains, but I am always nervous that something will go wrong. Better to be safe than sorry

I just wanted to let all of the supporters know on here how much your support and advice meant to me. I probably didn't express that enough in the early months when my only concern was getting better, but a very big thank you is in order. A special thanks goes out to Ed in particular. The time that you put in here is noticed and admired.

Much love!