Hi all, I am looking for referrals for surgeons in the NYC area. I have an appointment with Dr Lenke next Tuesday but will want to get input from a few surgeons.

I had my first surgery in 1978, age 12, with a Harrington rod, fused from T4 - L3.
Second surgery in 2011, age 46, fusing L4-sacrum.

Now my upper back and neck is curving. I felt it about 6 months after my last surgery and that surgeon kept telling me everything looked good but we know our bodies and i could see how my right shoulder was getting higher than the left again. Now i'm getting uncomfortable in my neck and i've also developed an imbalance that my primary doc and a neurologist both believe is due to my curve. I'm slightly wobbly when standing still.

Does anyone recommend Dr Cunningham in NY for revision? Or any others? I've tried to research a bit online but had such great help here on this site back in 2011. Thanks for any suggestions and feedback. I was hoping to not have any more issues but here i am again at 52 years old :-(