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    failed fusions or disintegrated fusions

    Has anyone had issues with fusions that did not take. My pain doctor told me he doesn't see any fusion material when reviewing my ct scan......although two surgeons prior had looked at my scans and never said this.

    Can I survive without the fusions? I was fused from T6-L4.........Yes, that's 11 fusions. (this was to correct scoliosis).

    I am waiting to see a radiologist to confirm one way or the other.......but I am petrified. I have been in constant agony since the surgery. The surgery was Jan 2016. It was a revision surgery as I was allergic to the first set of rods (stainless steel). My surgeon told me when he did the second surgery that my fusions didn't look very 'healthy' or 'robust'.........yet he assured me that they would heal. I don't believe they healed at all......but did not realize that they have most likely disintegrated. I am a wreck.

    Can anyone shed any light on what may have to be done? if anything?

    Pain doctor is looking at doing ablations on 11 levels of my spine. He will essentially burn the nerves at each facet level.

    I welcome any comments.
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