I have been meaning to check in with you all, it has been a long time. My year anniversary was a June 14th and I celebrated by going to a concert. Never would I have dreamed I could be dancing a year later! I feel very lucky and very relieved it is behind me. The anticipation, worry, sleepless nights were so hard. But nothing compared to the first 3 months of recovery. Hands down the hardest thing I think a person can endure! If you remember I had the vision mystery and did not see normally for the first 101 days. It was a scary time. It healed overnight and I feel like my back started to heal much quicker. So fast forward to now. We moved this summer and although I didn't lift heavy things, the unpacking was really hard. I don't have daily pain but I can have pain if I over-do it. My issue now is posture. I am finally going to physical therapy. By the end of the day I tend to lean forward.i find the weight of the bars is hard to keep up straight. I promise to keep you updated. My year check up went great. I do have a hook at the very top that slipped a bit so I have a bump, but it was there few weeks after surgery. It hurts if I lean on it so I stay off it. Not worth even a minor surgery to repair in my eyes! I'm done with surgeries hopefully forever! Good to see you all here! You have been awesome support!