Hi All,
I am just over one year out (T4-sacrum) and feel like I have plateaued in my recovery. I have been through PT, but in retrospect I think the group exaggerated their experience with spinal fusion, I have tried interviewing some other therapists, but have not found any in this area with experience with long fusions, even the groups "certified" by HSS. Driving to NYC for therapy is out of the question.
At this point, I still have difficult standing from a sitting position (without using my arms to push off) or from the floor. Most annoying is the feeling of a board in my back; I know this is muscular but cannot seem to stretch those muscles. I work at a computer and have to sit for long periods compounded by a long commute. The doctor said I could go to the gym, but I am paranoid about making a mistake and hurting myself. I have fallen a few times recently. Walking alone doesn’t seem to help.
I found a guy on U Tube who advertises a "course" called Breaking the Pain on a website http://fitness4backpain.com Normally, I would think this is a scam, but he seems to understand spinal fusion better than any of the physical therapists I have seen.
Has anyone heard of this program and is it worthwhile?
Any advice to advance recovery and deal with the back muscles?
Any advice would be appreciated.