My name is Jenson and I am getting things (insurance) squared away so I can undergo this scary, necessary surgery. I am 56 and married to a wonderful man that encourages me daily to do the best I can. I have a double curve T4-11= 50 degrees, T11-L3 =78 degrees, L4-5 laterolisthesis = 8mm, trunk buckling to the right by 2.4 cm. Also Kyphosis measuring 67 degrees and Lordosis measuring 45 degrees. I have pain almost constantly and I've met with a scoliosis surgeon but would like to know if anyone has seen any surgeons in North Carolina??
As afraid of the surgery as I am, I am equally afraid of what is happening in the last 2 years to me and what will happen if I don't. My spine has twisted as it curves and I have declined greatly due to degenerative disc and facet arthritis making things much worse.
I have loved reading about the successes of many of you and hope for better days for those still suffering setbacks.

Have the best day possible!