Hi to all. I haven't been on the site much. But now I am faced with another decision. I now have an answer to some of the strange things that are happening. In January I was diagnosed with a condition called arachnoiditis . Of the 5 things listed to cause this problem , I have had 4. While most likely the spinal surgery did it ,I guess I won't ever know for sure. It is a progressive neurological pain condition.
So far , I am being treated at Rush University in Chicago. I spent a week there at mid June under going an intrathecal medication study. It determined that I am not a candidate for opioid medication. Then we tried clonidine with a numbing agent with some success. However, I was told that I would build a tolerance to that drug and they needed a back up medication. So priault was tried. It is made from the venom of sea snails. Really weird. I did not do well on that either.
A spinal cord stimulator is another option . in April the Dr from rush tried to get through the fusion to place the leads but could not do it. It would require another spinal surgery to remove a part of the fusion to create access to place the leads.
I know there are members that have this so please let me know how it was accomplished.
On Tuesday I meet with them again. I am armed with an arms length of questions.
Since this condition has no cure, I can only hope to treat it. The neurological symptoms are increasing and I have a brace on one leg to prevent breaking my foot. In June I tripped on the other and broke it. So it looks like another brace. After it healed I fell again but just scrapes and bruises this time.
I need to seek their guidance as to which treatment is the best option.