I wrote a post this morning but didn't post it. My guess was 4 levels right in the center T10-L2......and how interesting the use of the short Harrington in 2003....Since girls have smaller vertebrae, and smaller pedicle's, the use of hooks completely eliminate's the possibility of a breach....I now understand why you would be fused and have a thoracic rib hump....but wonder why they stayed so low in the thoracic?

Optimist, you mention in your 1st post that your a thoracic lefty.....so I have to ask if you discussed this with your surgeon since there can be (Not always) underlying neural problems. Things like Chiari malformations, Syringomeylia, tethered cord etc....Are you ok in this regard? Is anything mentioned in your hospital records? (These are quite handy)

Is this operation happening in Phily? Do you live close? Do you live alone? I ask because I did my recovery solo, and a few others here also. Having some family support is helpful.

Can I ask about your initial surgery? What was that like? How long was that recovery at age 12? Where was that procedure done?

20 years ago, there weren't a whole bunch of scoliosis surgeons out there.....Or at least known names like there are today..... it was basically about the main scoliosis centers located at UCSF, HSS, TCSC, and Dr Lenke.....I was planning on UCSF possibly with Dr Bradford or Hu way before my surgeon came to town. I was a candidate in 1975, and decided on waiting due to my skiing and also for technology to advance.