This is the first time posting here. I have a revision surgery set with Dr. Vincent Arlet on 07/17. This will be from T4-L2. I am 26 and had my first surgery when I was 12 years old. My curve is now at 65 degrees to the left thoracic and with a prominent rib hump when bending over. The curvature is expected to increase at 1 degree per year and therefore I would like to put this behind me while I'm young, healthy and in relatively good shape.

My questions is does anyone know of anyone having surgery done with Dr. Arlet? From my research he seems to be well appraised but I have not seen much mention of him on this site.

Also from experience does anyone know what sort of curvature correction I may receive along with any reduction in the rib hump? Dr. Arlet advised there could be a 40% correction but I am not sure that is feasible. He also mentioned there could be a reduction in the rib hump but did not want to perform a thoracoplasty.

Any thoughts or feedback would be great.