Hey, everybody.

Last Saturday, June 24 was my 1-year anniversary! I had my post-surgery visit with Dr. Perra on June 22.

He said my fusion looks solid, that my cages and all hardware are in place and show no movement. He noted that my saggital & coronal balance are good and still showing excellent alignment. My lordosis is intact - so he said I am still aligned and nothing seems to have moved. I was happy with that!

He cleared me for all activities but mentioned to be smart about what I choose to do. He said to come back in a year.

I will say, this first year went by faster than I expected. I had some very "dark" moments early on but those memories are starting to fade. I still am in the mode that "my back is on my mind most of the time" so I'm hoping that some day I will be able to not think about my back so much and it won't be such a "dark cloud" for me.

I know I have a lifetime of dealing with the affects of having scoliosis, but for now, I'm going to try to do some fun things to make up for all the things I missed when I could barely walk more than half a block w/o pain..... I have other "aches and pains" of aging, but I do try to remember that I'm 56, not 46 or 36 any more :-)