Hi all:

I was just wondering if any other post surgical scoliosis friend has had any hip issues. The last few years I have been increasing having groin pain. Both legs, not at same time. Currently, it is most days, with very very little walking. I had a five year visit with this time Dr. Gupta, who took Dr. Lenke's patients in St. Louis. The fellow that I spoke with first told me it looks like I have bad arthritis in both hips and I might need a hip replacement. Dr. Gupta just told me I need PT. Then, the next day I saw my radiologist report of my xray and it said the following: ..."Patchy sclerosis involving the femoral heads. ...may also represent developing osteonecrosis."

If anyone is having groin/hip issues & pain can you recommend any doctor or treatment. I am having to use my walker because of the pain. It also wakes me up at night.

I've had scoliosis since age 6 with two surgeries. 1969 & 2006. I am fused T3-sacrum.

Appreciated any recommendations. Thanks! Karen