I have had several spinal reconstructions . Now that I'm 56 I want to warn others of things that are associated with multiple surgeries..

1. I had a thoracoplasty. Not a,common procedure but it begins to ache severely with age. Doctors tell me this can also be associated to the fusions below the thoracoplasty.

2. Both knees are bad- I've been fused my whole life. Something had to bear the weight and take the impact.

3. Shoulder problem. I had my correction on the 70s so full correction wasn't possible and I've loved my life with a twisted shoulder.

4. Last but not least FEET. They hurt terribly and each foot and ankle and podiatrist tells me it's from multiple spinal surgeries.

These are all great research subjects I'd love to know more about. If anyone knows of any research done on any of this I would love to hear.