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Thread: Revision surgery coming up!!

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    Revision surgery coming up!!

    Hi all, it's been quite some time since I'v been on here. I had my neck fixed a a year ago, and now I'm getting ready to go back to St.Louis to fix my back(AGAIN!!!!). My neck is fused from C2 to T1. And in front they put a cage and a piece of mesh covering the two vertebrae they removed in front. It is a success , but very uncomfortable. Now Dr. Gupta will take all rods and screws out of my back and do an osteotomy, then replace the rods and screw(T/2 to pelvic). I have six fractures in my rods. Dr. Gupta said that they are, more than likely, caused by non- fusion. I did have a couple bad falls too. I hope now that I have changed some medicines, things like that won't happen!!!
    Sounds like it will be an all day surgery. I can't help but be nervous , mainly because of my last surgery on my neck, I had bad pain management. But I got some good advice from Susan in regard to asking the anesthesiologist about the pain control at my pre-op appt. Hopefully things will be better this time.
    May31st. is my surgery date, and the pre-op is the 17th of May. It's a long trip to take back and fourth , twice, within two weeks. But it is what it is!! We do what we have to do. There's lots of strong people on this forum!! Take care everyone!! Best wishes to all of you!! Linda p.s. All prayers are welcome!
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    Linda Brozik~~60 yrs. old at time of Lenke's first surgery. 62 now!
    Surgery 2006 L3/4 L4/5 double fusion/ instumentation/ With 2 cages
    This started adult onset scoliosis
    July 1st, 2010/ surgery ~~fused T10 to pelvis (long rods/ screws)
    Oct.20th 2010, extended rods to T4 / did osteotomy at L3
    Oct. 29th 2012 Dr. Lenke St. Louis Mo. T4 to sacrum osteotomy anterior cage L3/4 titanium rods
    May 30th 2013 revision
    May 8th cervicle surgery 2016
    May 31st Dr. Gupta revision 2017

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