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First off, I really appreciate the replies that I have received and the support of this forum. It is very encouraging to know that I am not alone in this!

In addition, I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with foot numbness and if that was alleviated with more surgery. Could having more surgery at least keep the numbness from getting worse? So I have increasing numbness in one foot that seams to be accelerating in the past several months. Also, would appreciate any recommendations for spinal surgeons in Ohio that handle this sort of thing.

Thanks and regards.
I had groin pain, thigh pain, which was new pain that prompted me to seek help, and numbness on bottom of right foot I had had for years really. I didn't really notice the numbness too much except when things were really hurting. After my surgery, my foot was literally icy to touch. Very weird, but only lasted a couple months. It steadily improved each week. Basically, if your foot is still numb in a year after surgery, it is pretty much there to stay. I think my foot is still numb a little (but improved from before) and it has been a bit over a year. It doesn't bother me - it just isn't as ticklish as my other foot!