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Thread: Anyone know of connection between Scoliosis and Erbs Palsy

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    Anyone know of connection between Scoliosis and Erbs Palsy

    My daughter had scoliosis surgery on 26 Jan 05. She is doing brilliantly with her recovery.
    She sees her consultant on Thursday this week to hopefully have her plastic jacket taken off due to it being 6 weeks post surgery.
    It has been a godsend but now she is strong enough to go without although I feel she will tire and ache much quicker than before for some time.
    During her delivery 12 years ago she suffered a birth trauma called Erbs Palsy which is an injury to her shoulder/right arm which makes it quite weak and the movement she has with the arm is limited.

    My question is whether anyone has any knowledge of these two conditions being connected? I see it as lightening striking in the same place twice! - so unfair.

    Due to the scoliosis surgery straightening her spine it has emphasised her right erbs and her shoulder slopes significantly and her scapula still wings out.

    Any help would be great.
    This is a marvellous site and has often been a comfort for all sorts of reasons leading up to surgery and indeed post surgery too!

    Suzanne and Gemma

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    Hi Suzanne...

    I don't think there's anything in the medical literature linking the two. I know one person born with only one arm who had scoliosis. However, I know that not everyone born with only one arm gets scoliosis.


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