Hello all. I just now found this support website, so here goes a question maybe some of you could answer from personal experience. I'm a 56 y.o. woman who just had 5 very "gnarly" and "messy" right hip replacement surgeries, before a successful one "took". Lots of hip tissue has been damaged/destroyed, so guess what happened as a result? It left me unable to compensate for a severe lumbar back scoliosis, that I never knew I had until last year! Right now I am on daily narcotic meds for the pain, I walk with difficulty, using a cane, and have trouble standing or sitting for extended periods of time. Is there a surgery out there for me that I could at least consider? Has anyone of you used one of those electrical portable TENS units to control your pain? I hafta wear a right heel build-up on all my right foot shoes. I have a great doctor, 2 actually, managing this condition, but it's cool to find folks who are going thru this themselves. I'm not mentally ready for any surgery yet, though, as I have trudged thru 5 years of lousy, failed hip surgeries. Just looking to see how people are handling their individual cases. I was never checked for this deformity when I was young, so here I is. Sigh. All replies appreciated. I live in San Francisco, and have twin 16 y.o. boys. Need to be as active as possible.