To All The Vets: I will be in a residential rehab for an unknown number of weeks > my release from The Spine Hospital. My insurance put me into one for 8 days for a broken femur, so I am certain I will be a resident for an extended period. I will have several EZ Reacher grabbers, sock and shoe tools, & a tablet for email/entertainment with me. I have seen a lot of talk about mattress toppers. The beds in these rehabs are not exactly like my Tempur. I will have nobody waiting at my beck and call when I finally return to my home. I fear this will prolong my stay at the rehab. Dr. Lenke wants to keep everything local so his staff can do status checks, which means I will be stuck in NYC with nobody who can drop off the odd item I might need- I will be totally dependent on the rehab. That degree of dependence is unsettling. If anything comes to mind that you found particularly handy during those first few months post op, please post it so I can be prepared as possible. Thanks, RJM