If it hadn't been for a "memory" post on Facebook that popped up this morning, I might have forgotten that this was the anniversary of a life changing date for me. ( It has been so long since I started a thread that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to do it. )

Today was the 6 year anniversary of my T4-sacrum surgery with Dr. Lenke in St. Louis. I still have vivid memories of worrying about the outcome of the surgery many months before the surgery and also the horrible fear the day of the surgery. The recovery definitely took a lot of patience, but I can honestly say that I have never regretted having surgery. My back is straight and I am no longer self conscience about a rib hump which is not nonexistent. Thank you, Dr. Lenke! I never dreamed that I would be able to play golf again, go to exercise classes at the Y, tap dance, bike ride, etc., but I do it all! Before, during, and after my surgery, I posted questions constantly on the forum and was so appreciative of all of those who had had surgery before or at the same time and took the time to reply. Often, there is no one else that we know in our hometowns who has had scoliosis surgery. People just don't understand the magnitude of the surgery unless they have had it as well. I know that most of the regulars from 6 years ago no longer post unless they have problems. I have to believe that most people have successful surgeries and move on with their busy lives and seldom revisit the forum. Best of luck to all of you contemplating surgery. It was a tough decision, but definitely was the right one for me.